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Darryl Worley
January 25, 2025 - 7 PM

The rich, reedy tones and all-American, blue-collar themes in his #1 hits “I Miss My Friend,” “Awful, Beautiful Life,” and “Have You Forgotten?” are reminders of the down-to-Earth, Haggard-like Darryl Worley you always knew. The island vibes and blue-eyes soul in new songs “It’s Good To Be Me,” “Lay It On Me,” and “Lonely Alone” suggest there’s another, almost-funky, version of Worley that’s been kept under wraps. The alternate sides are both on display in Second Wind: Latest and Greatest, a project that mixes the tradition-country history he established in Nashville with the ragged soul that’s deep in the bones of Muscle Shoals, a musical Alabama hotbed where Worley got his start.


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